Hi, I'm Rachael,

I am a mother, bread baker, coffee roaster, lawn mower, cold water swimmer and photographer of families all rolled into one. My husband makes wonderful ice cream and pastries at our shop in Ashburton, so you could say we're an avid food family that love where we live and the community that thrives here.

I shoot images mainly on 35mm & medium format film, with a bit of digital should it call for it. Film is not cheap but I do it anyway because I just LOVE it. The soft edges, the tones, it just feels like the way I need to see the world and how I want to show you and your family in your world too.

Since becoming a mother myself during the lockdown of 2020, I have always had my camera nearby, inspired by my own growing family and the merry go round of life that it entails.

I am a fan of skin to skin, so am open to a bit of intimate baby snuggling during photography sessions if that is of interest to you and don't worry if your older kids won't stay still for a shoot. Children are meant to move and climb and chuck rocks into the water! I will capture both the stillness and the movement with you.

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